helping christian women change the conversation around sex

My name is Hanna and I’m here to help you have a confident, pain-free, sex life after growing up in purity culture and feeling shame about your body 💖

How do I help you do that? Through my say what? membership program, Instagram community, and podcast.

Did you grow up in purity culture feeling ashamed about your body, hearing that sex is wrong, bad, shameful, not receiving any sex education, and now you’re an adult who feels so alone trying to figure it all out?

Me too. So, I have built a community of people who have the same experience as you, so we can work through this TOGETHER! This community is the perfect place for you to feel less alone, ask your questions in a safe space, grow in your relationships, provide advice, encouragement, and hope to others in the group!

Every Monday, I drop a brand new episode about overcoming purity culture, sex, marriage, or all things being a woman!

Instagram is a platform to interact with you! I love seeing what you’re up to, hearing your stories, and answering your questions.